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September 23, 2008



There is wonder all around us in the non-human, natural world. I tried to raise my children to appreciate the beauty of our living planet, but when they were young they were continually distracted by machines, especially computer games. Now they are in their 20s and finally understanding what I was getting at. But they complain that a lot of people their age have no appreciation for the non-human world.

I am afraid that our modern, Westernized culture has become collectively narcissistic, in the sense that we can only appreciate as "wonderful" those things that are generated by. . .us(!), like books, movies, cars, games, etc. We cannot get outside of the human mindset and have empathy for, and delight in, other forms of life. This is sad, as our lack of care is hurting other beings, and may ultimately be the cause of our own demise.

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